After escaping from Tatooine, the crew made their way back to the Kemreth system.

However the Silver lining was knocked out of Hyperspace prematurely. Nearly colliding with a wall of solid rock, kilometres in length.

After getting their bearings, they found several other rocks bearing down on Kemreth Prime at an incredible speed.

They raced ahead with a micro-jump toward the planet. Where they discovered that virtually every ship on both moons had been requisitioned by the 7th Imperial Fleet, leaving the civilians with no way off planet.

They debated for a short time about what to do, but the asteroids were too large and numerous to have any chance of saving the planet. Eventually Pash organised some of the locals into constructing a temporary set of cargo containers that would survive at least a few hours in space and lifted them into orbit.

Koka and Elana tried to rescue Elana's friends, but they were confronted by an insane and desperate crowd that threatened to drag the ship down with their weight. They took a single load including her friend Devon and his family, but because of a miscalculated micro-jump, the ship wasn't able to return in time for it's second run of passengers.

After nearly an hour of frantic work, almost 250 extra people had been saved, thanks to the crews efforts and they emerged exhausted, collapsing in Queen Voss's docks on Kemreth Secundus.

Voss informed them that they fleet had taken everything that could fly from the system and spent several days in the outer Asteroid belt collecting asteroids with the aid of an Interdictor class Star Destroyer. They had flung the rocks at the world before departing(her shapeshifter spy had already infiltrated the fleet).

They rested the night in a building that had been nearly abandoned in the wake of the destruction.

They also learned that Reth Alaine the Jedi who had taught Elana a little of her powers, was at the head of the fleet. Using the dark artefacts to control the minds of the Imperial fleet's captains. He had been corrupted by the artefacts that he fell into. The aliens that once inhabited Kemreth Secundus, had been wiped out by the humans of Coruscant and now their ghosts also sought a revenge that Reth also shared because of what the Empire did to him in cutting off his arms when the Emperor demanded the execution Order 66.

Rather than following the fleet directly, Koka suggested that they visit her homeworld, where her Zabraks master Sia would be able to help protect them from the mind controlling powers of the Iron Fist.

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