Investigating the interior of the vast island, took nearly 3 days of overland travel. Beset by the native wildlife and flash floods and without a true survival expert, it was difficult going. However eventually they approached the volcano that marked the center of the island.

They stumbled across a cache of specialised equipment. A stealth glider neatly hidden away as well as the sensor relay net that seemed to encircle the volcano. They managed to carefully pick their way past it and approached the volcano its self, unable to find an entrance.

Then Pash fell into a hole that led down to a series of large holding cells. Sneaking through they approached the heart of the volcano, in which a large structure had been suspended above the lava.

They tried to sneak in to the main body of the structure, but they were soon spotted and got into a fight with the Security force guarding the facility.

Making their way through, they found the control center where a squad of storm troopers in cammo gear had been deployed. On the slabs of the laboratory were a half dozen different alien species all unconscious and some scientists as well as the base commander.

On a pedestal at the far end was an ominous black slab of an unknown stone substance.

Fighting through the storm troopers, the commander said something strange over the loud speaker. "There are Three Flowers in the Vase, The Third Flower is Red" and the alien prisoners immediately joined the fray aiding their Imperial captors.

They managed to kill everybody, but not before activating the bases self-destruct system and when they looked back, the Alien Tablet was gone.

So they fled to the escape pods which jettisoned off into the sky before the volcano lair fell into the lava.

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