The Vigil

Since New Year, every day at precisely 12 noon, one person is taken from the city. At first the reports were dismissed, many of the disappearances were not reported or not easily witnessed. Yet after nearly 20 victims the police began to investigate. Each victim had been linked with some form of Homicide in the last 20 years and had not been punished.

Early mobile phone footage showed the victims simply walking out under open sky seemingly of their own volition, before floating up into the sky. Attempts to track their eventual destination were unsuccessful. More details surveillance came when a local mayoral candidate was captured on live television. They just began moving up into the sky and within a few seconds were out of sight. 

By May the first rapist was taken and now in June after a number of people suspected of (and later collaborated as having committed) rape have been taken the abusers and those involved in human trafficking began to vanish as well. 

We are now in December, the unpunished criminals have fled the city, everybody is courteous and kind and terrified, because there are no thieves or drunkards anymore and nobody knows why the last few people were taken.