Elizabeth Tominson AKA The Scarlet PenEdit

Description: A flame-haired firebrand who will stop at nothing to get a great story.


  • Indulged Heiress of Tominson-Fogg
  • Romantically involved red-head
  • The Scarlet Pen - Humanitarian Journalist
  • Courtesy and Cunning Belong Together
  • Success at Speed
  • Super Spy Seductress
  • The Perfect Snap Shot
  • The Blinding Flash
  • Huntress of the Black Pristhood of Ba'al
  • Fighter of the Page, Warrior of Words


  • Superb: Contacting
  • Great: Empathy and Investigation
  • Good: Burglary, Rapport and Stealth
  • Fair: Academics, Resources, Deceit and Alertness
  • Average: Drive, Art, Athletics, Sleight of Hand, Resolve
  • Mediocre: Endurance, Engineering, Fists, Gambling, Guns, Intimidation, Leadership, Might, Mysteries, Pilot, Science, Survival, Weapons

Languages: English, French, German


  • Stealth: Hush (You can make bring upto 3 people along with you when you do a stealth roll. Meaning that you can sneak the rest of the players in places if you need to)
  • Investigation: Lip Reading (You can tell what somebody is saying as long as you can see their lips and understand the language they are speaking, even if they are too far away to hear)
  • Empathy: Cold Reading (You can make an Empathy roll to find out what people are thinking and feeling just by observing them, normally this requires you to speak with them in detail)
  • Walk the Walk: You have friends all over the world. You never take penalties for social skills based on where in the world you are.
  • Hatpin Maestro: You can pick a lock without penalty as long as you have even the most rudimentary tool.


A Spoilt rich girl, arrogant and disliked, who always got her way. Until she met John Van Davis, the only man who didn't want her. He told her she was beastly and slowly taught her how to be kind and open up to others and about the suffering of the lower classes for whose wellfare he fought. However he was called away to fight in the Great War and was missing believed dead on the battlefield.

Novel: The Scarlet Pen versus the Black Priests of Ba'alEdit

The Scarlet Pen is called to investigate the mysterious disapearances of a fellow reporter in Flanders.

She mingles among the rich and powerful of Frances upper class and one night is invited to 

She takes the book of Ba'al from the high priest to her good friend and historian Professor Maxwell who uncovers the shadowy schemes of the cult. A plan to raise the many thousands of dead souls from the battlefields of Flanders and rouse them to life, to spark a second great war that would destroy the German nation forever.

Lord Lionheart shot the book from the high priests hands. The Black Hound bombed zombies


  • Parallel Parker (her loyal chauffer)
  • The Black Priests of Ba'al (A French Cult dedicated to the elimination of Germany fearful that they will rise again)
  • Mr Clockman (A retired Secret Service Agent who helps take care of her affairs whilst she is away)