The Crew of the Silver Lining arrived in the Ryloth system, there is some Imperial activity but they slipped by unnoticed.

They landed in the mountainous city of Kala’Uun. Their passengers disembarked safe and happy to the Galactic Exotics Corporation.

They booked themselves into the hotel with its luxury accomodations and split up with shares of their newfound wealth. The fine food, gambling and the vast array of sympathetic escorts were there for the crews enjoyment.

Elana and Koka went to visit the famous

Elana found a note in her purse with a set of coordinates on it pointing towards the deep forests to the East. They resolved to go out there and see what the issue was.

  • Srob'wetu - An elderly near white twil’lek matriarch who manages the resistance cell.
  • Lauren Vassic - A rebel A-Wing Pilot who recently lost a leg in a crash, still trying to get used to the prosthetic. 
  • Kow’Jave - a young teenage green male Twil’lek, who does the bases procurement, wears loose fitting combat armour two sizes too large for him.

The base staff were overjoyed and were clearly under the impression that the crew were the long promised re-enforcements.

Despite their small numbers they still had full access to the bases intelligence network.

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