An experimental cyborg developed from a kidnapped hybrid boy. Designed to bring harmony to the peoples of the world.

He was captured whilst broadcasting from his hidden base near the old Southpoint Radio station. His minions were eliminated as he broadcast his private sanctum was broken open.

Race: Human/Atlantian Hybrid (Telepathic, Human extra Edge)

Attributes: Agility: D8 Smarts: D10 (D12 with headband) Spirit: D6 Strength: D4 Vigour: D6 (D8 with headband)

Skills: Fighting: D10, Healing: D6, Knowledge (Electronics): D10, Knowledge (Science): D8, Notice: D6, Persuasion: D8, Taunt: D8

Derived attributes: Charisma: 0, Toughness: 5 if unarmoured (6+9= 12 if armoured) Parry: 7 (+1 with electro-lance), Pace: 12M

Hindrances: Distinctive Appearance (Minor), Habit: High Voltage Power (Minor), Gloater (Major), Vengeful (Major)

- 6 pts gained (3 extra skills, 1 extra attribute)

Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Power Points x2, Fast Healer, Jack of All Trades, Mentalist

Gear: Electro-Lance (Str +2D6 +1D6), Auto-Grapnel. 2x Handcuffs, Cell Phone

Super-Powers: (20 pts)

Cybernetics Enhancements:

3 - Interface with Codebreaker extra (3)

2 - Speak Language


4 - Custom smart phone: [Broadcast (1), Manipulation Extra (+5), Device (-2) - Able to tap into and control radio signals within a mile.]

6 - Power Armour: [Armour lv 3 (6), Heavy Armour (+2) Device (-2) - (9 pts of Heavy Armour)]

1 - Helmet of the Hypnofiend: [Super Attribute Vigour +1 (1), Smarts +1 (1), Device (-1)]

2 - Enhanced Electro-lance [Attack Melee (2), +2 AP (1), Device (-1) - melee attack gains +1D6 damage, AP 2.]

4 - Hypno-Goggles [Mind Control (3), Extra Minds (+3), Device (-2)]

1 - Darkvision lenses (2) Device (-1) 

2 - Belt: [Extra Action (3), Device (-1)] 

Experience Progression:

5- Novice: Extra Power Points.

10- Novice: Smarts (D8>D10)

15- Novice: Skills (Knowledge: Electronics D8>D10 and Persuasion D6>D8)

20- Seasoned: Extra Power Points.

25- Seasoned: Skills (Knowledge: Electronics D10>D12 and Science D6>D8)

30- Seasoned: Edge - Mentalist

35- Seasoned:Edge - Jack of all trades

40- Veteran:

45- Veteran:

50- Veteran:

55- Veteran:

60- Heroic:

65- Heroic:

70- Heroic:

75- Heroic:

80- Legendary:

85- Legendary:

90- Legendary:

95- Legendary:

100 (Retirement time)

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