On their way to Stryke, the crew grew accustomed to their new more luxurious quarters and came out of hyperspace to answer an urgent distress call.

A stricken and holed Freighter was broadcasting its distress, but showed no clear signs of life.

The crew donned space suits and docked with the unfamiliar freighter. Inside the ship had air on one side, but found no signs of life.

However as they entered the main walkway along the spine of the ship, they found a combat droid sealed in a case. The moment they opened the case, it began to transmit and the cargo bay doors on the other side of the ship opened exposing them to the vacuum of space. Lowhhrick was sucked through and spent some time navigating his way back inside with his jetpack.

As they reeled from the change of pressure, an odd mix of combat and security droids began to pour out, wearing the insignia of the Black Sun criminal syndicate.

Max and Lowhhrick fought a brave battle, but took heavy injuries as a result.

Meanwhile Pash and Elana broke through to the bridge and found the ships captain who admitted that he had set the ambush and would soon take the ship. An experienced warrior, he and Pash began trading blaster fire. However Elana pushed past and stared into the pirates eyes "Hurt yourself" she commanded and the pirate crumpled before her power. He pulled out a grenade and detonated directly infront of his face.

Elana was then able to shut down the droids using their restraining bolts, however the grenade seriously damaged the already fragile ship and the reactor began to overload.

Fleeing the ship they managed to escape with their lives. However the experience left Pash visibly shaken. He locked himself in the bridge and refused to come out.

They finally arrived in the Styke system. Elana had some nightmares and Lowhhrick encountered the corvette headquarters of the local Unbroken Bond.

He headed over where they told him a little of their ignominious exile. The Nobility of Styke had become angry at the accidental death of one of their own in the gladiatorial arena in a fight to first blood against a member of the bond. The disagreement joined with Lowhhrick's alleged assassination of the leader of the highest house led to them being forced to swear an oath not to set foot on the planet again until asked to.

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