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Arldoms of Flambard: Edit

  1. Holberg - The seat of power, where the Highness rules.
  2. Orleans - The Industrial heartland, rich in mineable minerals and with plenty of harbours for ship construction. 
  3. Nahar - The Breadbasket that supplies a large portion of the grain.
  4. Ninevah - The other capital - The seat of the old mage-kings capital, great old buildings and bitter people.
  5. Gachet - The more militant of the Northern Arldoms, renowned for their independent temperament and soldiers.
  6. Oran - The other Northern house famed for its religious piety and constant vigil against the Barrens. 
  7. The Barrens
  8. Steinhof: The small rebellious Arldom that nobody really likes as it is relatively poor in terms of resources, the land was given to the survivors of the colony of Hours who fled when that land was re-taken in recognition of their many years of loyalty and the ferocity with which they fought (Also nobody likes Steinhof as an area)
  9. Castille: A trade-hub and naval-focused Arldom that deals with the countries Western neighbours and is famed for its exotic spices and other imports. 
Flambard only

The rival Empire of Freiboden:

The Provinces of the Empire (Each named for their principal city)

  1. Caer Lyons - The seat of Imperial power
  2. Hours - The lands formerly held by Flambard many years ago, but since lost, they hold many cultural connections.
  3. Guerreberg - A small but militaristic part of the Empire, that is intent on reclaiming lost territory with 4.
  4. Sanglant - Focused on a siege mentality against their Northern neighbours, richer, and reliant of mercenaries to fight for them.
  5. Récolte - The Imperial breadbasket.
  6. Uprugiy - So distant from the capital, that it is culturally very different from the rest of the Empire, but necessary for keeping hostile Southerners away from the Empires back
  7. Marchande - The most central province is also its largest trade hub.
  8. Ecoleberg - An independent area constantly threatened with being consumed by its neighbours, it retains its independence through hosting some of the best educational facilities in the world. Many world leaders study there and so it often has enough allies to discourage agressors.
  9. Okhotniki - The hinterlands of the Empire, few resources and plenty of tribalistic hunter-gatherers.
  10. Vieuxberg - One of the oldest areas of the Empire with the grandest architecture. Some structures over 1000 years old left over from the reign of the mage-kings.
  11. Nordberg - Their Northern-most house is also their most mineral rich and they export iron, copper and gold south.
Freiboden only

Flambard (Left) and Freiboden (Right) - Political

Barrens LARP Flambard and Freiboden

Flambard (Left) and Freiboden (Right) - Geographical

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