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Captains Bookkeeping

Navigators Log

Security Log

Chief Gunners Log

  • Maiden Voyage NavLog01
  • Discovery of Xenos Ruins NavLog02
  • Exploration of New Terra NavLog03
  • Battle with the Roarks and Exposing the False Emperor NavLog04 - Supplemental Log01
  • Leaving New Terra Battle with Captain Ripsplitta and his Ork Raider Nav Log 05
  • Investigating the mysterious ship system failures Nav Log 06
  • Exploring the ship with the Phyrr Cats Nav Log 07
  • Visiting the Mechanus and the Worst Date ever Nav Log 08
  • Angels Numinous and the Icey demon. Nav Log 09
  • The Angels Numinous against the Orks and the mystery of the Furious Assault NavLog 10
  • I was unconscious, bloody Mechanus drivers... Nav Log 11
  • Return to the ship, escape from the system, treating the mechanus and discussing how to avoid retribution Nav Log 12
  • Discussions with the former Lord Captain, Integrating the new guy, arrival at Echidna and ship upgrades Nav Log 13

Colonels Log

Chief Engineseers Log