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Visited Waypoints Edit

The ship's calendar was reset with the new captain's log in [XXX.M41] when Alabaster Marcone assumed the Lord-Captaincy following the death of Rufus Cassius. Due to the unpredictable nature of the Warp, the numbering system for the local calendar is as follows - #<LETTER><NUMBER>. Starting with the letter A, the letter will be incremented every time the ship successfully leaves the Warp, and the number incremented every 24 standard hours starting from 01, and reset with the completion of a jump. So #C19 will represent the 19th after arrival in the 3rd system. The numbering system can be expanded by adding letters or numbers as required - #AD137 would represent 137 days after the 30th arrival.

#A01 - Elysium - Guardian System (Homeport)

#A08 - Nyx - Guardian Systemeg

Ship's Assets Edit

The ships assets provide a reference for unusual items onboard, as well as cargo. Items removed, damaged or destroyed should be struckthrough and dated at the calendar reference of their removal.

#A01 - Mining Colony Supplies

Passenger Manifest Edit

The passenger manifest is to note any persons on-board who are not members of The Final Offer's crew. Passengers no longer traveling with us should be struckthrough and dated at the time of their removal.

#A01 - Mining Colonists

Action Reports Edit

Any unusual action should be reported with a brief description below, and if necessary, the details will be attached to the report.

#A01 - Change of Lord-Captaincy, Senior Staff takes effect due to shuttle crash

#A03 - Bon Voyage Ceremony

#A07 - System Exit course altered to Nyx for SAR Mission

#A08 - Arrived on-station at Nyx