The characters: Edit

  • Alderman Lacey -
  • Derek - Lacey's bodyguard and chauffeur
  • Matheius - Black Magic specialist.
  • Dave Davenport - Blind Hacker
  • DP

The story so far (Warning: Spoilers for Shadowrun Missions Campaign): Edit

Meeting for the first time in Chicago's Own Pizzaria

Accepted the job from a former runner called Quantum Princess. Who wanted some matrix hardware fixed within the containment zone. 

Outside the snow was thick and unrelenting.

Got hassled by Lonestar as they went in.

Found the tower and fast-talked their way past some well armed gangers

Got a call from Simon Andrews about an extra bonus job retrieving some property ownership documents from Janus Industries and agreed.

Went to the second location, got shot at by a nutball sniper who was convinced everybody was an insect spirit, but a casting of swarm caused him to panic and commit suicide. Sot the hacker and ork mage.

Went to Janus industries and went inside, split up and found evidence of some disturbing human experimentation. Laceys wireless grenades went off and they evacuated outside.

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