With the Iron Fist killed and his plans foiled, the dark artefacts were destroyed with the defence platform and were forgotten.

The people of Coruscant celebrated their salvation and a sea change among the population drove them to support the new Republic.

Lowhhrick was congratulated for his valour and invited by the surviving members of the Unbroken Bond to take his place on the council of Warriors.

Elana and Koka stayed together on the Silver Lining. Her father joined them as did her Rebellion boyfriend. Tensions were high for a while, but shortly after the battle of Coruscant they were invited to help Jedi Master Luke Skywalker with his plans for a new Jedi Academy.

Pash stayed behind for a while, but eventually took the HWK 290 and set off to help Princess Leia and the Republic and to explore distant stars.

Makara and Max stayed a while before heading to Ryloth where they set up a training school of their own that would become home to one of the finest military academies in the sector and lived happily ever after.

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