"She takes each of her My Little Pony sticky plasters from the little pouch one by one, all seven of them, none of them are big enough to cover the hole in her Brother's body, but with grim determination she peels each in turn and tries them, as salt tears mingle with the pouring blood"

"CLICK! The sound came from beneath my boot. A Daisy chain mine. They hate us so much that they fill these things with perfume so that not even our scent will remain on the wind. I move my foot slowly..."

"Yes, I was there. The siege of St Mary's, the battle of Camden, even the Central line massacre... now I'm here, and I'm telling you we can't win this one either, but we're going to fight anyway because the only alternative is death!"

"We can't win. Things fall apart."

"My mind understood with geological slowness the true magnitude of my actions. In death nobody would forgive me for this. I'm sure it would take longer than the 39 seconds mankind has left to forgive my deeds."

"Mankind remembers this project deep in its hind brain from even before it was conceived. We know the dangers of the Babel project, but we are scientists and engineers, we speak the unifying language of logic and reason. We must reach the stars."

"I've become life, creator of worlds."

"I am an army of myself. When all you have is yourself you have to make the most of you"

"Scientists exploring Mars discover an unexplained artifact. Closer inspection suggests that it's a beverage container of unknown origin"

"Eyes sewn shut and fed only with the juice of certain berries that keep her asleep. She imprisons a terrible dream. She is the dreams cage and we pray it will die with her. Some call her Sleeping Beauty, they want to wake her, Gods save us all if they do."

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