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Clan Rank (The lower the number, the higher the rank. Name Physical description Personality What you know about them, Picture
Imperial 0- Emperor Hantei XXVIII Lean hard features scowling beneath a frazzled mane of gray, he appears to be in his 60's but still healthy and strong. ??? Spoke fondly to the Scorpion Clan and has his son with him.
Hantei XXVIII - Emperor under Heaven - Favoured son of Amaterasu
Scorpion 1 - Clan Champion (and Scorpion representative) Bayushi Shoju Always wears a different mask, long straight black hair and hard eyes.
Bayushi Shoju - Scorpion Clan Champion
Scorpion 3- Champions Wife Bayuishi Kachiko Slender and beautiful and youthful looking wearing a very thin mask, flirtatious and wears the finest clothes.
Bayushi Kachiko - Wife of Shoju and celebrated courtier 2-0
Lion 2- Matsu family Daimyo (and Lion representative) Matsu Tsuko Stern-looking and militaristic in her appearance she has a hard blunt nose and narrow eyes. Ruthless with a strong desire to win through any means necessary.
Matsu Tsuko - Lion Clan Champion
Lion 1- Lion Clan Champion Akodo Toturi A pale man with his hair dyed gold, Tall at nearly 6 foot wears humble clothing a deep voice and piercing eyes
Akodo Toturi - Lion Clan Champion
Crane (Imperial) 1- Emerald Champion

(The Imperial Champion)

Doji Satsume - The Grinning Crane Walks bow-legged, his demeanour is powerful and direct with narrow eyes and a large facial scar. 5 foot 6 tall. The greatest duellist in the Empire and former Crane Clan Champion.
Doji Satsume - The Grinning Crane - Emerald Champion
Crane 3- Head negotiator for the Crane Clan (and Crane representative) Kakita Yuro Short and deliberate in all his movements, with wide dark eyes and wearing an older, but an exquisitely designed kimono.
Kakita Yuri - Crane Clan Negotiator - Father of Asami
Crane 3- Kakita Yuro's beautiful daughter and master of awards. Kakita Asami Beautiful with white dyed hair and a soft complexion and large pale grey eyes.
Kakita Asami - daughter of Crane clan negotiator - famed beauty and award giver
Crane 3- Head of the Kakita One-Truth duelling academy Kakita Tochimoko At about 80 his thinning grey hair is straggly, but he has a strong muscular build despite the weathers of age.
Kakita Toshimoko - the Grey Crane - Master Sensei and imperial advisor
Badger (minor clan) 2- Clan Daimyo (and Badger representative) Ichiro Akitomo An old man with a small white goatee and mustache balding with bushy white eyebrows./ Carries a smoking pipe.
Ichiro Akitomo - Badger clan Daimyo

Badger clan Daimyo

Badger (minor clan) 3- Daimyos Advisor Ishiro Tekkan In his 40s Tekkan has a broad face and muscular build, his face radiates self-satisfaction and his black hair is worn in a traditional top-knot.
Ishiro Tekkan - Badger clan advisor
Hare (minor clan) 2- Clan Daimyo (and Hare representative) Usagi Oda Old and wizened, Oda has a long flowing beard and equally long white hair with a dour expression most of the time.
Usagi Oda - Hare Clan Daimyo
Otaku Shiko 3- Adviser to the Daimyo (and Unicorn representative) Otaku Shiko In her 50's she has her brown hair braided back with touches of grey and a bow legged walk from decades of riding. Encouraging and friendly. Enjoys the finer things in life.
Otaku Shiko - Mother of Otaku Li
Crab 3- Crab representative Yasuki Joeiga A small man wearing spectacles on the bridge of his nose and a small hat with pinched narrow features. The Crab do not think much of games, so they assigned the nearest person they had, in this case a merchant of the Yasuki family.
Yasuki Jodeiga
Dragon 1- Dragon clan Champion (and Dragon representative) Togashi Yokuni Wears a full helmet at all times and appears to be incredibly physically fit.
Togashi Yokuni
Phoenix 1- Elemental Master of Earth (and Phoenix clan representative) Isawa Rujo Broad and stocky with short black hair and thick sideburns.
Isawa Rujo
Crane 3- Local Governor Kakita Kohana In his 40s or 50s with white hair and a matching goatee, he has a narrow face that always seems to be on the verge of asking a question.
Kakita Kohana- Governor
Unknown 5- Not invited (apparently an old Monk?) Megumi an old man dressed in peasant clothes topped by a brilliant blue scarf. he has a full white beard and a bald head.
Imperial 3- Games adjudicator Miya Yoto A quiet and formal man wearing his naturally greying hair in a traditional top-knot with a matching beard. Widely renowned for their fairness and independence from politics
MIya Yoto - Imperial Herald and games adjudicator
Unicorn 5 - Not invited (Owner of the Merchant House of the Exotic) Ide Igo A cheerful merchant wearing his hair back in a braided plait and with a long black fu-manchu moustache.
Ide Igo - Owner of merchant house of the Exotic

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