The Crew of the Lucky Star have their first real work since their escape from Teemo the Hutt.

The Crime Boss Jabareth has hired the crew to deliver an Imperial VIP Lissa Vale from Kemreth Secundus to Kemreth Prime, safely. He does not trust his own people with this job and is prepared to pay well for success. The only provision is that he has taken the Hyperdrive Motivator as insurance.

The ship has been cleaned and mostly repaired by the industrious crew. However disaster struck when Max discovered a bomb in a pile of supplies and 41-Vex tried to disarm it. Blowing up a portion of the ships supplies and spares and the droid in the process, leaving only a smoking memory core in its wake.

Jabareth also appears to have sent out a decoy Imperial Shuttle ahead of you.

Now the VIP is aboard and they are just a short journey through the gas giant’s ring system and deliver her safely home. Easy money.

Unknown to them, there is a stow-away on the ship.

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