The Crew of the Final Offer

Equipment Wishlist:

Good Quality Photo-Visor (Allows dark-sight and immunity to photo-flash effects)

Good Quality Inferno Pistol (Good and Very Rare) with Exterminator Cartridge (Common)

Some grenades: Haywire x2, Krak x3 , Web x2 , Frag x3 and Stunner x2 (12 in total)

A pair of Puritan-14 Pistols

  • Toxic Rounds 
  • Fire Selectors 
  • Red Dot laser sights 
  • Bleeder and Man-stopper ammo 
  • Stun/snare Shotgun shells 

Non-urgent upgrades:

Best Quality Power Maul (Best and Very Rare) - Not terribly important

Good quality Bolt Gun 

  • Fire Selector 
  • Omniscope or Motion Predicter 
  • Aux Grenade Launcher 
  • Acid Rounds 
  • Grenades: See Above 

Combi Tool - At rank 2 and this is fairly easy to get 

Good Quality Jump Pack (Good and Rare) - at rank 3

Non-equipment things:

Ask Senechal Hill to requisition a dozen "best quality" candidates for the Captains hand in marriage. They need to be - 1. Noble born. 2. Young and attractive, 3. Preferably Naval officers or have some other ties to the Admiralty, 4. Preferably human and not genetically engineered assassins.

A good party for the Captain at which eligible potential spouses may be found.

Things for the ship:

Upgrade the ships guns with Turbo Weapon Batteries (Common Quality would be Very Rare) - Due to be done if we rescue the Explorators.

Good Quality Cargo hold and Lighter Bay (to keep the Captain happy) (-1 Power, -1 Space) Scarce +0, Structural: +0, Good Quality: -10

Upgrade Lance from a Common Quality Starbreaker Lance to a Best Quality Sunhammer Lance. (Best quality grants -1 Power cost, +1 Strength) This costs 2 extra power and no extra space. (To keep us flying) (-2 power, 0 space, very difficult to buy) Availability: Rare: -10, War Component: -30, Best Quality: -30. Total: -70 (Spend some PF)

Ship has 2 power and 1 space to spare. (Soon with the new Drive, we may be able to have 4 power to spare and 1 space)

We can also upgrade a system like the Life Support giving us spare power needed to install lighter bays later on.