Age: 40                 

Occupation: Barber-surgeon

BIO: Thanks to having a rather feckless father, Emilio never learned a trade, preferring to spend his childhood running around the countryside getting up to mischief. When it came to providing for himself, Emilio elected to go to war, and enlisted as a soldier to live the life adventurous.

 Emilio has participated in the Fourth Crusade, as well as travelling the Mediterranean sea and the Iberian Peninsula fighting pirates and Saracens, but in more recent years in the capacity of an army Barber-Surgeon fighting the Moors in Southern Spain.

 After 25 years Emilio was offered his freedom and bounty and decided to go home and live the easy life, and now lives with his sister Maria, his parents being long dead.

Whist his aunt is glad of Emilio’s help, and stash of silver and gold, Emilio has soon grown bored of his new rustic existence, and the villagers have grown tired of his stories. He supplements his savings by plying his trade amongst the villagers - even doing veterinary work, but longs for a bit of excitement or intrigue to spice up his life.

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