A former hangman who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for immortality.

Captured when he tried to assasinate a Fin Commander. He killed his target but was taken down by the bodyguards.

Wanted for killing Warlord Gryphon's Nephew.

Other Names: Charles Henry Sanson

Race: Human (Extra Edge)

Attributes: Agility: D12 Smarts: D6 Spirit: D6 Strength: D6 Vigour: D8

Skills: Shooting D12, Fighting D12, Stealth D8, Healing D6, Tracking D6, Persuasion D6

Derived attributes: Charisma: -1, Toughness: 5+1 = 6, Parry: 6, Pace: 12M

Hindrances: Heartless (Minor), Habit (Minor), Servitor (Major), Wanted (Major)

- 6 pts gained (4 in attributes, 2 in edge)

Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Power Points, Quickdraw, Trademark Weapon

Gear: Duraweave Suit (+1 heavy armour), M2 Herokiller with 3x 5 round clips in total)

Super-Powers: (15 pts)

1 - Ageless

5 - Decay (Strong)

7 - Illusion (Film Quality, Psychosomatic Damage)

2 - Jinx  

5 - Damage Field: Elemental Trick (Radiation)

5 - Teleport - with Extra Range

Experience Progression:

5- Novice:Power Points (Damage Field - Elemental Trick: Radiation)

10- Novice: Agility D8>D10

15- Novice: Shooting D8 > D10, Fighting D8 > D10

20- Seasoned: Power Points

25- Seasoned: Combat Reflexes

30- Seasoned: Agility D10>D12

35- Seasoned: Shooting D10 > D12, Fighting D10 > D12

40- Veteran:

45- Veteran:

50- Veteran:

55- Veteran:

60- Heroic:

65- Heroic:

70- Heroic:

75- Heroic:

80- Legendary:

85- Legendary:

90- Legendary:

95- Legendary:

100 (Retirement time)   

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