Magical Books: Edit

Art: Level Quality
Creo 9 3
Intelligo 6 4
Muto 7 3
Perdo 6 3
Animal 6 3
Aquam 9 3
Aurum 6 3
Herbum 11 3
Imaginem 5 3
Mentum 7 3
Terram 6 3
Vim 7 3

Mundane Books: Edit

Skill: Level Quality
Medicine 4 5
Organisation Lore: Order of Hermes 3 5
Artes Liberales 2 6
Hermetic Law 3 5
Occult Lore 3 4
Magic Theory 4 4
Legend Lore 5 6
Canon Lore 3 5

Spells: Edit

Curse of the Desert Pe Aq 20
Calling the Odious Drought Pe Aq 35
Tower of Whirling Water Re Aq 30
Heat of Hell's Impending Doom Mu Au 30
Th Chirugeons Healing Touch Cr Co 20
Restoration fo the Defiled Body Cr Co 25
Free the Accursed Body Cr Co 30
The Severed Limb Made Whole Cr Co 30
Incantation of the Body Made Whole Cr Co 40
Free the Accursed Body Cr Co 45
Healers Ring Cr Co 50
Free the Accursed Body Cr Co 60
The Shadow of Life Renewed Cr Co 75
Eye of the Sage In Co 30
Sight of the True Form In Co 30
Gift of the Bear's Fortitude Mu Co 25
Dust to Dust Pe Co 15
Confound the Connection Pe Co 25
The Leap of Homecoming Re Co 35
Wall of Thorns Cr He 20
Bridge of Wood Cr He 30
Lord of Trees Re He 25
Blade of the Virulent Flame Cr Ig 20
Pilum of Fire Cr Ig 20
Arc of Firey Ribbons Cr Ig 25
Ball of Abysmal Flame Cr Ig 35
Words of the Flickering Flame In Ig 25
Sooth the Raging Flames Pe Ig 15
Winters Icy Touch Pe Ig 15
Wizard's Eclipse Pe Ig 35
Burst of the Sweeping Flames Re Ig 25
Confusion of the Insane Vibrations Re Im 30
Image from the Wizard Torn Re Im 30
Haunt of the Living Ghost Re Im 30
Gift of Reason Cr Me 25
Return of Mental Lucidity Cr Me 30
Return of Mental Lucidity Cr Me 40
Peering Into the Mortal Mind In Me 30
Coerce the Spirits of the Night Re Me 30
The Shrouded Glen Re Me 40
Hermes' Portal Re Te 75
Sense of the Lingering Magic In Vi 30
Sight of the Active Magics In Vi 40
Wind of Mundane Silence Pe Vi 20
Demon's Eternal Oblivion Pe Vi 30
Wind of Mundane Silence Pe Vi 40
Demon's Eternal Oblivion Pe Vi 50
Aegis of the Hearth Re Vi 30
Parching Wind Pe Aq 10
The Inexorable Search In Co 20
Tracing the Trail of Deaths Stench In Co 20
The Gift of Vigour Re Co 20
Twist the Living Tree Mu He 20
Vision of Heat's Light In Ig 20
Leap of thje Fire Re Ig 20
Thoughts Within Babble In Me 25
Beast of Outlandish Size Mu An 15
Lungs of Water and Death Cr Aq 15
Bind Wound Cr Co 10
Charm Agaisnt Putrifaction Cr Co 10
Free the Accursed Body Cr Co 15
Gentle Touch of the Purified Body Cr Co 15
Physicians Eye In Co 5
Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh In Co 10
Disguise of the New Visage Mu Co 15
Rise of the Feathery Body Re Co 5
Gift of the Frogs Legs Re Co 10
Endurance of the Berserkers Re Co 15
Trap of the Entwining Vines Cr He 10
Hunt for the Wild Herb In He 15
Lamp Without Flame Cr Ig 10
The Many Hued Conflagration Mu Ig 5
Hornet Fire Mu Ig 10
Prison of Flames Mu Ig 15
Light Shaft of the Night Re Ig 10
Eyes of the Past In Im 20
Illusion of the Shifted Image Re Im 10
The Captive Voice Re Im 15
Return of Mental Lucidity Cr Me 15
Frosty Breath of Spoken Lie In Me 20
Posing the Silent Question In Me 20
Emotion of Reversed Intentions Mu Im 20
Aura of Rightful Authority Re Me 20
Ring of Warding Against Spirits Re Me 15
Hands of the Grasping Earth Re Te 15
Wizards Communion Mu Vi 20
Aegis of the Hearth Re Vi 15

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