Magi: Edit

Marcus Gaius Servillius Ex Bonisagus (Played by Andrew) - A socially isolated bookworm.

Don Quixote Ex Flambeau (Played by Simon) - A somewhat eccentric fire specialist

Ignasi Ex Miscelania (Played by Paul) - A skilled herbalist with a poor grasp of hermetic theory.

Angelo Ex Jerbiton (Played by Nick) - A physician and a gentleman

Companions: Edit

Johan the Great - A blacksmith of prodigious size and strength plagued by faeries.

Sir Fernand - A former crusading knight plagued by Lycanthropy

Emilio Matteus Rodriges - A barber surgeon and war veteran bored of small town life.

Peter Casa - A Junior Senechal from Barcelona looking to make a name for himself.

Grogs: Edit

Pedro - A muleteer driver.

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