The crew are stranded on Kemreth Secundus with just enough money to patch up their ship and a motley collection of former slaves.

Na'Tala has managed to arrange an audience with Jabarath, the local crime boss of the dome, but insists on the crew being appropriately dressed. Jabarath appears to be a man of much ambition but little actual class.

41-Vex refuses the frivolity of an oil bath and instead focuses on fixing the ship.

Lowhrrick goes to get a full body shampoo and trim.

Pash and Max find a tailor that outfits them in fancy duds including some fine hats that fit the fashion of the station.

Meeting with Jabarath is done at the pinnacle of the dome where he presides over a large party from a platform above the bar, flanked by his two twin aides.

Pash, Max and Lowhrrick attend along with Na'Tala.

Pash hits the gambling tables and earns the enmity of some of the locals by winning big.

Max tries to frame a local smuggler called Spif for talking against Jabarath, but the locals don't take kindly to this and turf him out.

The others get called up to see the boss whilst Na'Tala performs a rather professional classical dance in the background. He implies that he has some sensitive VIPs to deliver back to their home estate on Kemreth Prime. Being unknowns, they are actually a good choice of transport. Na'Tala has advised that their ship is fine to accommodate the VIPs.

Jabareth says that he will need security for his investment, but if they deliver them unharmed, they will earn a heft 4,000 credits for a days work. Pash agrees giving reassurances that they are trustworthy and the right people for the job.

As they do so, Max is making his way back and 41-Vex is at the ship overseeing the repairs. A squad of people in port authority uniforms come in and walk into the ship like they own the place, removing the Hyperdrive Motivator. 41-Vex tries to stop them, but is physically dragged away with the Hyperdrive as they bump into Max.

They get on the comms with Pash who realised that this is the "security"