After a long journey, fending off assassins, pirates and fake rebels, the crew made port at Kemreth Prime, where they were promised their ship would be repaired and they received their first pay-day. 

To celebrate and discuss their next move they hired a hotel meeting room with a mini-bar.

It was a little strange to be the only group with any aliens in it. The plazas and streets were oddly devoid of any alien life, despite the clearly alien inspired architecture by the coast.

Getting into the Hotel they discussed their next move. After much back and forth, they considered a few potential options.

Max informed them that their bounties had finally been published. Along with a few others. None seemed particularly easy. The aliens decided to stay behind at the ship, except for 

The Imperials would pay well, but there was concern about being a party to immoral activities. 

They didn't have any particularly good leads on the bounties that were on offer. 

They considered stealing a ship, but were concerned about burning their bridges too early.

The Rebellion seemed poorly organised but with a good cause and Ela's impassioned appeals won them over.

They visited them in the dead of night and were ushered into the basement of a luxurious home, where the largely student-run "Rebellion" was meeting.

They mentioned that their teachers had been marched off by Internal Security on trumped up charges of "sedition" and were last seen leaving the city to the North toward a seaport.

However they could only pay around 3,500 Cr for their rescue.

They also made mention of a secure convoy leaving from the Internal Security Headquarters in the capital, headed towards the Palace with "high value goods" aboard.

When they ambushed the convoy by causing a jam they found the convoy was escorted by Optio guards. 

A gunfight ensued and they rammed the two escort vehicles off the road, however the flat-bed skimmer flew off and Pash scooped up the wookie in his skimmer, who was more concerned with fighting his rivals than with securing the package. 

They launched off in the open-bed skimmer into the sky, pursued by the Optio agents.